Saturday, January 31, 2009

Happy Lunar New Year ! And update !

Yay, many many many ang bao ~ I love that ! :DD
I had won 200 bucks during gamble last night ! Thought i don't really have the luck in gamble.
I like this chongsam dress.
Chu er, bai nian bai nian ~ Happy moo moo year. :D
My dearest desiree sis and i. Do i look very different with light make up ? :)
Gamble at my place the whole night, this is my man tai during mah jong session.
Yay, iam very happy ! :DD
Yes yes, it's not too late to say Happy Lunar New Year to everyone ! :)
Got alot things and photos to blog hahaha, I just came back to Singapore..
CNY shopping, i bought the same chongsam as naomi. And a few stuffs.
Those corsets are sponsored by a lingerie company, well i will do the advertorial soon !
Guess heels, they are having sales, bought them at 80 bucks only, cheap right ? :DD
This is me with fake lash only.. Look alot younger ? Desiree said that to me. =X
New bottle of feragamo perfume - Yes it's SHINE ! :)
*P.S : CNY is so great for me and i just came back from a short trip. So relax. Bad news that i got flu right now. Went to the clinic earlier with baby. I have lots lots lots of photos to upload and alot advertorials to do too. =X But now, iam gonna take my medicine and head to bed. Good night and happy lunar new year to everyone ! Hugs.
*P.P.S : Baby is not in sg, so sad. Rahhh !! He will be away for two weeks. Iam so lonely ~
But it's okie, i still got my honey naomi by my side, she asks me to move to her place and stay with her for two weeks, hahaha. So sweet of her. Yea i will go over to her place once i finished doing my advertorials ! Iam gonna do my nails and gonna gamble on tuesday and wednesday ! :)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Last minute shopping and dinner in town !

Help me click on the Nuffnang ads on the right ! 18th - 24th Jan 09. Thank you my friends. :)
Life is not about the number of breaths you take but the moments that take your breath away.
Japanese food at paragon ~ Together with my honey naomi ! :)
Wanted to buy quite alot of things but only got myself two dresses. Do you know why ?
Because, when we were in town it was already 6pm. =X
Two very very pretty dresses from Miss Selfridge. Spent almost 300 bucks. =X
Nice ? Hmm, i should wear cover toed high heels when iam going out. :)
I got myself this coin pouch and this pair of earrings.
Yay, don't know why i just feel like taking photos that day ~ Testing make up. heh. :D
These two dresses are very suitable for CNY ! :D
Click on now !

*P.S : Chinese new year is coming, it's time to gamble ! LOL. I love to play mah jong and poker. And i wanna many many many ang bao during cny, hahaha. :D I hope i can wake up and go for my hair cut later, also gonna buy my new year clothes soon !! =X Good night !

Friday, January 16, 2009

Advertorial ! - I like those earrings, they are very pretty ! :)
They do not remake their jewelleries, so noone's gonna wear the same as you !!
Add 2 dollars to change to 14k Goldfilled earwires.
Only 1 dollar to change to 925 Sterling silver. So, click on !
Yes yes, they do sell necklaces too ~
And lastly they are having nice bracelets !! :) Shop for Chinese new year !

Jewelleries featured at this website are all hand-made. The materials used here are mostly imported. Apart from using crystals and semi-precious stones, we have also used vintage materials like cameos and charms from USA, Japan, Korean, etc. These vintage materials are aged over several decades and rare. To ensure the high quality of our jewelleries, we have included the commonly used rhodium ( which suits most sensitive earholes ), 14k, 18k, 22k gold-plated, sterling silver and 14k gold-filled parts. These materials are usually more hard-wearing and long-lasting.

Accessories will enhance our image and add colours to our daily outfits. With our jewelleries, you will definitely stand out in the crowd. We want our customers to feel good when they put on our jewelleries.

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Isn't that a very good deal ? Don't wait anymore ~

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy anniversary ! 15th Jan 09 !

Happy anniversary baby ! But baby is not by my side, he's at tekong now. :"(
Did teeth whitening two days ago. Wanted to give it a try. :)
The process was rather uncomfortable.. Mouth was forced being open for so long.
But the result is like OMG ! Amazing ~ Say bye bye to my yellow-ish tooth ! :D
Accompanied baby to paragon medical center the other day, he needs to rest more.
Received the other two bottles of BB cream. Yay ! Gonna try the gold one soon. :)

*P.S : This will be my last lens spree as both me and my partner don't have the time to continue.
Thank you for everyone that who bought lens from my shop. Appreciated !! :)
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Monday, January 12, 2009

My weekends !

Photo shoot on saturday morning 9am ~ =X Woke up so early..
I like the make up ! This shoot is for a mag, will pose the photos when it's published. :)
On the way to studio ~
This dress is from -
Love Japanese food ! :DD
This look very pretty and it tastes good too.
Here comes my favourite ice-cream ! Yummy !
Love it love it ~
This is not my rabit, it's broke into my house !! =X
Baby told me that when he's playing psp in the living room, this rabbit came into the house.
On the way to town ~
Iam very happy with whatever i have now ! :)
I like this white silky top, it's also from -
Marc, Baby, Andrew and robert, we were at cine lvl 4.
I caught all of them ! Total got 11 soft toys ! Iam pro at catching soft toys ! hahaha. :DD
Then i use 10 small one exchange to a big one ! And it's so cute ! :)
Watched Ong Bak 2 and Red cliff ~
Ok, Ong Bak 2 isn't as good as i thought. But Red cliff is an awesome show !
So, now you know which one you sould watch ! :)
*P.S : Iam getting more and more lazy to blog. LOL ! Wanted to have a special day with baby on the 15th but baby cannot make it as he can't take leave on that day, it's alright then, we will find another day ! hahaha, gonna do alot of things before chinese new year such like hair cut and shopping and many many more. Yay, i love new year !

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Advertorial !

Secrect to having flawless skin ! Sharing my small secret with you ! :)
Show you some magic ~

Let me tell you more about B.B cream :

It has triple funtions : Whitening - By Adenosine and Arbutin ingredients which are effective in whitening. UV Protecting SPF25 PA++ - Intercept ultraviolet rays UV A and B at the same time and protect your skin exposed from the sun more thoroughly. Wrinkle Free - Wrinkles improvement cultivate more bright and elastic skin. It can also be used as a moisturizer as it contains Phyto Complex to make your skin moist and healthy and with OSMOPUR ingredient of new concept which are mixed sunflower, rice bran, ivy extracts protect skin from various harmful conditions. This BB cream really whiten your skin tone, like 2 tone up. And it can act as a base makeup. If you are lazy you can even just apply this BB cream without putting on foundation or compact powder. It can even out skintone, camouflage undereye circles, acne scars and add radiance to the skin without the heavy mask-like effects of a foundation. With prolonged used of the product will also help improve the overall texture of the skin and fade acne scars.

You can see the difference here ~

There are two kinds of BB cream, PINK & GOLD B.B Cream !

Difference between PINK and GOLD bb cream :

PINK contains Phyto Complex ingredient which is good for skin moisturizing and soothing makes your skin always moist and healthy. GOLD contains Gold and Caviar extract that care the skin intensively to make shiny, healthy skin. Hence PINK is suitable for oily/combination skin or those prone to clogged pores, while GOLD is suitable for dry skin or those who want wrinkle improvement.

You can see all the before and after pictures. B.B cream is amazing. :)

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