Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Advertorial - DHC beauty 7000 collagen drink - Watsons ! ♥

Beauty 7000 Collagen drink from Watsons - Made in Japan
DHC Collagen drinks ~
I've tried it, it tastes like white grape. It's very nice, unlike some other collagen drinks.
Now you can get it from selected Watsons stores ! It's all the way from Japan !
I drink it everyday, it contains vitamin C which helps in whitening your skin.
Normally we can find vitamin C in fruits like orange and kiwi. :)

*P.S : Collagen and its importance : Collagen is one of the most important proteins in the human body that exists mainly in our blood vessels, cartilages, bones, skin and muscles. With a make up of more than 30% of the protein content, collagen is akin to the bricks of a house as it is the basic substance that forms the human body. From protecting and connecting all kinds of tissues to support the structure of the body, studies have demonstrated that collagen is a necessity in retaining moisture in the skin, as well as enhancing the tightness and suppleness of skin.

*P.P.S : Daily depreciation of collagen : Living in sunny Singapore has many perks, but strong sunrays are certainly not one of them ! According to US dermatologists, the greatest enemy of the skin is not age but the increasingly potent UV rays that cause the drainage of collagen. UV rays penetrate the skin, straight into he dermis to destroy the skin's elastic and collagen fibre. Just ten minutes under the blazing sun will result in lost of collagen !

*Don't worry, now you can get the DHC beauty 7000 collagen drink from the following Watsons stores !

Bugis Junction, Compass Point, ION, Ngee Ann City, Raffles City, Choa Chu Kang Lot 1, East Point, Hougang Mall, IMM, Jurong Point, Parkway Parade, Tampines One, Tampines Mall, Toa Payoh HDB Hub and Vivocity.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Korean BBQ dinner and many many more ! ♥

Korean BBQ for dinner ~
Love the sliver chopsticks. haha.
Side dishes.
This is for the BBQ beef later. :)
All very yummy..
Ginseng chicken soup. Favourite !!!
I only eat chicken breast meat.
Yay, BBQ beef !!
Can't wait to eat the beef.. LOL
Look like very yummy right ? Yea, it is yummy.
Wooo, time to eat !!
You also can eat it this way..
See, naomi is so happy..
The spicy kimchi steamboat.
Put all the noodles inside ~
Boil it boil it !
When its done. Got chicken and potato inside too. :)
Went to timbre after dinner.
Cheers ! My face is red. Gosh.
Hahaha, naomi act cute. LOL ! Opps..
Frog leg porridge for supper !
We ordered 6 frogs in total and i ate 3 on my own !
Haven't been eating frog leg porridge for quite some time.
We love food, who doesn't ?
This is the chicken, when i eat i will feel extra happy. Herbal chicken from JB ! :D
She asked me to act pathetic, actually we do look very poor thing.
Whenever i look at this picture i feel like laughing. LOL !

*P.S : Had been eating and eating good food non-stopped with naomi. Getting fatter and fatter la ! LOL. Need to go to gym man ! Many ads to do and christmas is next week, have you bought my present yet ? Time to exchange presents yo ! Gonna stay over at naomi's place next week, and our photoshoot had been postponed to 26th dec ! xoxo :)

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Photoshoot !! ♥

Photoshoot !

Date : 19th dec 09

Click on - ( ) to support me and naomi's photoshoot on 19th december ! xoxo :)

*P.S : Contact photoshoot organiser DennisC at - 84084890

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Alot of things to blog about ! LOL ! ♥

Bebe opening at Iron. This was quite some time ago. LOL
Me and michhy. :D
Their fashion show runway.
Did my nails at junying's ! Its in-lay, the 3D flower is inside. Junying is very pro at this.
Click on to book your appointment !
She is having christmas promotion, click on
for more info ! Her nail art and 3D is so cute ! :)
Went for bf's NS open house.
Very bad boyfriend of the year.. hahaha. Me, Jek and Tran.
Fish bar and prawning !
Baby and Jason wah, before going into the fish bar.
Ewwww, even if you pay me i also won't do this. eeee. =X
1,2,3 cheese ! hahaha.
Seriously, i won't pay to let the fish bite me loh. LOL
Yes ! Prawning ! Tanny and wah.
Im pro at prawning okie ? haha.
Yay, this is my first prawn of the night.
Come on, 2nd, 3rd, 4th..
Look, i look so serious. :D
Wooo, tiger prawn ! Its freaking big.
BBQ time ! See that super huge prawn compare to the rest.
Kitkat from Japan. Green tea Kitkat ! :)
Fish shaped cake, i like this. Yummy.
Time to shop and buy present for christmas ! Receive this chanel invitation to their event.
My naughty doggy, this is when she's young, like 3-4 months old.
Hello princess dude. LOL !
Act innocent, give this kinda face then can get more food. haha.

This is how she looks like now. Shorter fur.
Big head and small body.
Still as greedy, wanna eat my food.
She is sick, so send her to see the doctor, she has to eat anibiotic now. So poor thing.

*P.S : Suppose to go for my photoshoot on sat, but down with fever. :"( Yay, christmas is coming, wanna buy alot of things. Gonna have a photoshoot together with naomi soon. Zoukout on 12th ! Christmas promotion for advertorials, email me at for more info. :)


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