Sunday, September 20, 2009

Omy Singapore blog awards ceremony 2009 ! ♥

Sg blog awards 09, organised by singapore press holding, was held at supperclub on 16th sep.
Yay, im the winner of the "Best modeling blog" ! So excited ! :D
On the way to pick kaykay up then to supperclub ~ Was late again, hahaha. =X
Suprise ! I got the "Most voted blogger award" too ! Yeahh ! :DD
Got this picture from Yutaki's blog ! Credit to yutaki ! :) Kanny, Kaykay, Estelle, Xuesha ~
I love my readers, yes i really do ! :) - My certificate ~
Oh, haha, i sabo kaykay to be on the stage, LOL, i bet she hates me ! =X
Very sexy ! My dear kaykay is the most sexy girl that night ! :D
These are the prizes that i won. :)
Designer trophy..
HTC touch diamond ~
Estelle, Kaykay, Yutaki's friend, Me and Yutaki ! :)
The picture is from Omy ~
This is one of my prizes, 3 days and 2 nights stay at Malisa villa suite.
Woooo ~ Sounds good ! :D
The Straits times life ! September 21, 2009..
Videos below..
Videos on Razer TV, Click on the picture to watch ! :)
Interview on Razer TV ~
Click to watch the video on razer tv.
This is what mich bbm me before the ceremony, yay love you babe !
She couldn't accompany me there as she is flying to australia on that day.
And this is what kaykay bbm me, haha yay i love my dear very much ! xoxo ! :)
Kay helped me carry all my stuff that day, like my babysitter, appreciate everything you did !
My ai ai and I. Loving loving ~ Went to eat Japanese BBQ after the ceremony..
Seafood and beef.
Wooo, i love Japanese BBQ the most ! :D

*P.S : I feel very happy that i had won the best modeling blog award ! Of course, this is to prove that my blog is one of the best yea ? LOL ! Yea, gonna work for F1 and yes, i will blog very often to thank my dear readers, and 19th sep is my birthday, this award is the best present for me !

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

CLEO magazine interview and Supperclub ! ♥

CLEO magazine interview with mich ! Studio make up, haha. =X
Went to eat xiao long bao with mich after the interview.
Was so hungry, we ate at "ding tai feng" ~
Bought this bebe sweater, love it !
Blink blink is love ~ haha. :D
Supperclub with kaykay, actually this was quite long ago, lazy to blog..
Champagne ~
Nice spot to lie down ~
Our drinks.
Ordered finger food.
Pizza !
Yay, me and my darling KK. :)
Cheers ! :D
I didn't wanna drink it, kaykay said "bottoms up". Awww. =X
Headed to supper at "Xin hai shan" ~ Somewhere near tiong bahru.
My dessert - aloe vera ! It's good for skin ! :DD
Then we headed to a friend's house for KTV. Woo, his KTV room is nice !
And there is a bar in the room too. So nice ! :)
Drank some wine with kaykay.
Fruit wine ~
Kaykay says, must act emo when you are drinking, cause drinking is emo. LOL !
But, it seems like i can't do it ! LOL ! :D
Kaykay says she will help me "zeng" my mouse ! We spent 3 hours to stick the crystals.
Yay, my mouse look so blink now ! :D
Nice ? Thank you my dearest Kei ! Love you so much.
I won't zeng my mouse if im not gonna bring it out right ? :D

*P.S : Sorry readers, i had been neglecting my blog for weeks. I do appreciate people who emailed me and ask me how am i doing recently.. Love ! :) I don't know if i should work for F1 or watch F1 instead. LOL ! Anyway, i will update more soon ! Haven't update my thailand trip yet.
Lastly, i love all the people around me and who is showing me love, i love you all ! xoxo
*P.P.S : Look out for CLEO Magazine Nov issue 2009 ! And, I am going for the Sg blog award ceremony 2009.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Advertorial ! ♥


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Night-lifes, Mj, Poker, Food, Photography
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Sweet treats and LV are my cups of tea.
LOVE is what am i treasuring now.
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I love my baby as much as i love my life.

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