Tuesday, April 29, 2008

P.S : i love you baby..

I miss my teddy.. Just like the way you love me baby !
Love you like there's no tomorrow. (:
I steal this from Naomi's house. wahahaha. :DD
Finally met Robert they all yesterday, like after so long.. OMG ! It's hard to be young and rich, but they are the ones ! I wanna be like them also, work hard ! I like BM 335i, my dream car. LOL ! :D Baby's booking out tomorrow. Then he wants to meet his friends i wanna meet kaykay ! heee. Well, see you all in ZOUK !

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Friday, work + party !

I like this photo, though it doesn't look like me. :DD
Very nice ! My favourite taiwanese food !
My lunar card ! *Who dares to say iam underage again ? (:
ICA - this cannon camera is awesome ! Look, my top match the chair. Yellow !
Rose, for you ? Hmmm.. :D
Eat all these together with my sweet girl Genevieve.
Worked last night for Guinness 9 ball together with this very pretty model - Kay Kay. Yea, she's very hot and friendly ! We were so bitchy, talked alot with her. And after work, we went to Lunar together ! Some stupid things happened, the door bitch didn't let me go in, cause she said i look like UNDERAGE ? Like what the hell is that ? Then i didn't bring my ID some more ! Wahaha. Well done right ? Luckily my friends were there and then the Lunar's manager signed me in. Do i look like am underage ? I doubt so and I dislike all those people who wants to make other's life more difficult. Then i got my Lunar's membership card. I so wanna show it off to that door bitch. hahaha. :D Went to ICA to chop my passport in the afternoon together with this sweet babe - Genevieve, OMG i swear that she's so cute. Took alot of photos with her. Will upload once i got the photos !
*P.S : Just received a call from media corp, that they wanna invite me to be the judge for Channel U's 唯我独尊 ( Wei wo du zun / You are the one ) OMG, Feel excited about it. On coming Monday. See me on tv then ! There will be one group of models sit on the stage, iam one of them. LOL ! Be the bimbo on the stage, watch show and vote haha. (:

Thursday, April 24, 2008

*Shopping ! :]

New Bag of mine ! Like it very much !
This is the one that i want ! Silver and white are very match ! :DD
I choose ..
Was thinking which one is nicer ? Then..
Very cute dress from ZARA. :)
Bra a aa. Don't ask about the size. haha. :D
Tops from ZARA. I wanna get rainbow colours ! (:
Went shopping yesterday, Vivo and Paragon. Like finally i get a chance to spend money and all. Met my dear Naomi and Nicky at night, went to phuture and i got this very good news that my ZOUK Privilege card is already upgrade to Members card ! Yeah.. Very happy of it ! Then i said i wanna drink "Apple shooters", this friend of Naomi's ordered the whole bottle of Apple shooters for me. OMG ! Faint ! =X He said i have 500 shoots to go ! Wahaha. Didn't bring my camera to ZOUK cause i didn't charge it ! :"( Didn't take much photos. Well, working tomorrow !

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine !

I eat this everyday. It's good for the skin. :)Photobucket
I like my eye make up, maybe i put too much eye-liner, my eyes look so black. :D
Went for training yesterday at orchid CC. Wanted to go shopping in town but don't have enough time. =X Then met "aunty melissa yeo", Naomi they all at training. Very excited. Buddy nicky came to fetch me at night, we went to eat dinner at Serangoon garden then went for drinking. Happening right ? LOL ! ZOUK-ing on wednesday ! (:

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Asia dive expo 2008 - Suntec city !

Our afternoon tea at suntec hall 603. (:
It tastes good. :D
Evie and the cheese cake. :)
Chicken pies.
Hot dogs.
Yummy !
Sexy Sonia and I ! :D
Sonia and Evangeline baby. (:
She loves to kiss me. Muacks ! hahaha. :D
Got this photo from Evangeline's facebook ! hee. :D
Worked at Suntec city yesterday for the Asia dive expo 08, together with my dear Evangeline and Sonia. Can't work today, need to accompany baby ! (: Yea, he's back from camp. Then there's training tomorrow at orchid country club again. I hope that i can go shopping soon if i have the time !

Friday, April 18, 2008

Hello, i wanna club so badly !

You are the reason for the smile on my face ..
Ego ~ love to take photo of myself and look into the mirror ! hee..
Here comes my new contact lens. Made in Korea. (:
Can't get to sleep, so iam dota-ing ! heh. I hope that i can wake up later at night and get myself to ZOUK. haha. But it seems so impossible..
I heard of this story..
If one day you are driving and you stopped at a bus stop. There are three people waiting for you. One is an old man that who's dying, he's waiting for the car to hospital. One is a doctor that who has saved your life and you wanna thank him so badly. The other one is your true love, if you missed him/her, they will not come back to you. What would you do then ?
hahaha, i was thinking of the solution ..
And then the best way is ..
Pass the car key to the doctor and let him send the old man to hospital, i will get down the car and accompany my true love wait for bus..
Happy ending ! :D

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Party tonight and the Taiwanese drama.

Romantic and loving !
There's a yacht party tonight at Sentosa's one degree fifteen. It sounds interesting ! :) Went for body check up yesterday and i had been finished watching the Taiwanese drama - " 鬥牛·要不要 ". I like the show.. A very touching love story after all. What would you choose between money, fame and love ? Do you believe in true love ? Watch this show, you wont feel regret. Lastly i wanna say the main character is so handsome. :D

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Nails + Training + Shopping + Dinner. :]

Gel extension + design. Did my nails from 9pm till 2:30am. But it worth the time.
Did nails together with Naomi. Lots of crystals added. LOVE IT VERY MUCH !
Training at orchid country club.. Ride with me baby ~ :D
Sun kissed on my face ! :)
The pretty melissa yeo and i. :)
Many many fake lashes ! :)
Bought this pair of slippers together with Naomi.
Wahaha, i was sick, so i didn't really eat for a week. Yay, 46.7kg ! Used to be 48kg. :)
Okay,went for training at ochid country club yesterday, then went to do nails together with Naomi. I miss her lota, haha. Miss baby very much too. :) We don't really have much time to shop, so we were just picking things that we want and paid on the way to the mani cure shop. I love my nails now, cause it shines ! With alot of crystals. haha :D Then ate dinner at the place that where we love the most. Head to bed after that.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Auditions and trainings.. + my idol

Thanks Edward for the picture. :)
Here comes my favourite korean star, my idol ! 全智贤 JEON Ji-hyun
Went for this comasia audition, then got selected. :) But comasia is in june. =X hahaha. Well, iam almost recover from my flu. Going for training later in the afternoon. I will upload new photos soon. Read this web page that talks about dawn yang, I just wanna say something. It's really nothing wrong if she did a plustic surgery, because it made her look hot and pretty. If you have the money you can do it too ! :D About JEON Ji-hyun, i love her long and silky hair, love her eyes. She's so pretty, sexy and funny. Really love her so much. hahaha. :)
*P.P.S : If i did PS, i will look much much more prettier than now ok ? haha. :DD
*I would make my nose smaller and sharpper, my boobs bigger like a "D" cup ? So, stop all the nonsense.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I hate the feeling of being sick, but i feel loved.

Those are the ones i need to eat everyday. =X
Ai xin porridge from Buddy Nicky ! Thanks alot, really feel touched ! :)
I promise to show Naomi this, hahaha. All thanks to my running nose ! :D
Wasn't able to update my blog, because i was having high fever for the past few days. Feeling uneasy and nose bleed. Okay, will upload more photos when iam recover. Iam here to thank all the people who sms me and who cares about me. And thanks buddy for the porridge. Though i didn't eat finish all, i still appreciate it. Lota of loves. I will recover soon.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Playeur's celebration party !

Dawn yang and i. :) She's so pretty !!
This is the ganster, hahaha. The most handsome art director from playeur - Edward ! Yea, of course more pictures are coming up soon ~
*P.S : I find that i miss my baby so much. Can't get to sleep ! arghh.. =X


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LOVE is what am i treasuring now.
Iam good at long time SLEEPING !
DOTAING, yes i do play DOTA !
Piano is my favourite talent.
I love my baby as much as i love my life.

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