Thursday, January 31, 2008

Invitation from Playeur ♥

I just received a sms from Playeur magazine's editor, he asks me to shoot for their mag, and i just realised that the ex-editor of maxim mag is working for Playeur now, the ex-editor of newman mag is working for maxim. Wahaha. So interesting ! :D

Woot again in ZOUK ♥

Sms sms sms.
My beloved Sharonron !! :))
She loves my kiss. :D
Dance floor of phuture.
Me and Cao guo hui. :)
Evangeline, Xuesha and Sharon ! <3> LOVES ! ♥Chivas. :)
Andrew, Tran and Sharon. (:
The sweet lana and Andrew. <3> What were they doing ??
Cheers !
Mine and hers. LOL.
My dear shashasharonn.
Naomi ask me to kiss her. heh. :D
Weee. :)
- Random.
Wah, look at the table. :)
What do you wanna drink ?
Shots !
This is so nice !
So many many many ...
pathatic nicky. hahaha. :D
Zouk is like my second house, hahaha. Well, i wanted to stay at home last night, then Naomi, Sharon and Nicky wanna go ZOUK. So, i was late again. So many ppl scold me for being late. Wahaha, You guys last minutes then ask me go what ? :D Crazy danced with the crazy Sharon. I love her, cause she's cute and innocent, the stupid Ken, i warn you, if i see you again in ZOUK you are gonna die !! You have to pay the price of what you have done. Anyway, i did enjoy my self very much last night. Thanks to Sharon, Naomi, Nicky, baby, Andrew and Lana.:)

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Shop ! ♥

Went shopping that day, i think it's sunday. Yea heh. Bought all those stuffs. But i dont like the fake lashes, the xotic one it's ok, but the other one no. I dont like it. Haha, i ask Naomi to help me buy fake lashes, i like hers ! :) Quite alot of photographers contact me yea, thanks for your support ! Someone wrote me a message said that he/she is my secret admirer. So funny ! Hahaha. :DD

Monday, January 28, 2008

Ps. Photo shoot ♥

Iam doing a lingerie photo shoot together with Naomi on coming saturday 2nd of Feb 08, she's from hot stuff magazine. Email me at if you are interested. Pm me for more details !

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Phuture. :] I love it ! ♥

Mememe. :)
Sharon ask me to act emo. hahaha. :D
On the way home, Iam gone already. =X
Naomi and I. loves !
Heart !
I saw Ben lasy night. Heh. :)
This is for me. :)
Look at my dumb face, haha.
Nicky and Sharon.
I love this. LOL. :D
Marc and his friends.
Champagne. <3*> Kenneh & Sharon's friends.
Cordon Blue ~ :)
Champagne and Martell.
Sharon and her friend ? Hmm.
Can you see how many bottles are there ?
Cheers babe !
Break My Window
Last night i was so drunk, did i slap Sharon's bf ? OMG. Why i slapped him ? Cause he did something that is so wrong. LOL. I drank alot of Martell and Champagne at Phuture. Gosh, saw many friends there too. I saw Marc too, he asked me that are you okie ? I said, no, i want to pee. Wahaha, Naomi babe wasn't happy last night, till the special someone appear in the club. I like my buddy cause he knows how to act. :DD It was so fun last night that i helped my friends get the Zouk card, just by talking craps. Is it because iam drunk or because of those bouncers are too kind to me. :) Lastly, I wanna say, I love Sharon, Naomi, Nicky and ZOUK ! Muacks.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Club at ZOUK ! ♥

Sweet hug ! Naomi & Sha. :)
See that ? Actually just point for fun. :DD
I dont know what am i doing la. haha. =X
On the rock. :D
I don't dare to drink that much. hahaha.
My dear Naomi and i.
Baby and i. :)
Juicy. :D
OMG ! We are not les !
L.O.V.E :))
I like martini.
Our hair. :D
Side view ? hmmm. :)
Act cool shot. :)
LOL, - Hong, from HK !
Gay !!
LOVE ! :)
Poor thing Nicky..
Wahaha, dare to bully me ? :D
Beat you !
Ok, i like martell !
My buddy and good friend.
The blur nicky, think he's drunk. LOL.
Raped by us, poor thing baby. =X Hugs !
Our crystal nails !!
Who took this ? I've no idea.
- Random shot. :)
Her camera ! PINKY.
Chivas advertisement. LOL.
Sotong. :DD
Nicky and Naomi. :)
Many many glasses. I find it funny ! :D
Red, green and yellow.
Many many chivas. :)
She always look at her phone. LOL.
So many glasses !
Naomi ! - The pretty ! :)
Lychee martini !
Woot, went to ZOUK as usual, with Naomi, baby, Nicky they all. Saw Robert outside Phuture, he said that he will club with us again. Oh well, i didn't do my smoky eyes make up, cause iam too lazy to draw, haha. So the make up was very light for clubbing yea. It's ok, i don't mind being ugly wahaha. :D I drank quite alot at members, and first time i didn't go into Phuture. Drinking, cam whole and stayed at members to talk rubbish the whole night. LOL. Iam really enjoyed ! :) Naomi is crazy, she kissed me N times and i don't know why she did that. hahaha. You crazy girl ! Let's meet up on friday !


Night-lifes, Mj, Poker, Food, Photography
and hip-hop steps are my LOVE.
Photoshoots and beaches make me:)
Am a sweetheart for my girls.
Sweet treats and LV are my cups of tea.
LOVE is what am i treasuring now.
Iam good at long time SLEEPING !
DOTAING, yes i do play DOTA !
Piano is my favourite talent.
I love my baby as much as i love my life.

* I love flowers.
* I love pink.
* I love romantic stories.
* I party till dawn.
* I shop till dusk.

* I travel around.
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* Iam a girl.
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