Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Too lazy to blog !

Did nails at yawen's place, yay blink blink again ! :D http://www.w3nnails.blogspot.com
Even my toe nails are blink too ! LOL ! Click on http://www.w3nnails.blogspot.com !
Shopping with baby, on the way to EXPO ! :D
Baby look so retard, hahaha. =X
I bought 2 sets of bed sheet ~ Spent about 300, the usual price is 500 plus.. Cheap right ? :D
And a new queen-sized blanket which is made in Japan. It's very soft ! :)
Bought alot of things from adidas !! :DD Baby bought 3 pair of shoes, but i only got one ! =X
Shorts and T-shirts ! :DD
The lovely shoes that i got. So cute right ? Yes, i love it ! :)
The sales price is $90 then got another 30% off, so its about $60 ? Yea.
Love it love it love it ! I should wear them soon ! HAHA.
Baby got me donuts ! Love you lota ~ heh. :)
Went to naomi's birthday at zouk, took photo with winnie, she's high.
Desiree babe took this picture, OMG i love to bully him, hahahaha ! :D
Didn't take many photos as most of the people were drunk, espically naomi !! =X
Played wii with Genevieve babe the other day, it was so fun !!
We were playing the mario party tent game, we need to get stars and win mini game !
Then, see the result ! Yeahhh, i'm the 1st ! And she's last, LOL ! =X
Iam the Superstar ! Told you that iam a gamer girl ! :D
Genevieve and i, love you lots ! She bought me lunch and a pair of very nice fake lash !

*P.S : OMG, Iam addicted to MJ, i was playing MJ for the past few days. Baby is going to Taiwan soon, so sad. =X I also wanna go taiwan or maybe some other places, anyway SG is so boring. Im very lazy to blog nowadays though i have many photos and many things to blog about. Went to get naomi's birthday present yesterday, gonna pass it to her soon, and wish her happy birthday, hope all her wishes will come true ! :D Lastly, wish me good luck in MJ okie ? hahahaha. Good night to all ! - xoxo

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Xueshashadress !!

Xueshashadress !
Click on
Teal tupe dress, click on http://xueshashadress.livejournal.com/
Many people emailed me and asked about this beautiful dress,
you can get it now from xueshashadress babes ! :)
Available in champagne gold colour and black too !
Visit my online shop babes ! And email your order to dress@xueshasha.com !
This dress is awesome, cause you can wear it for four different ways
also can wear it as a tube dress by taking out the strape ! :)
White tube dress, personally i like this dress very much !
*P.S : Visit my online shop at http://xueshashadress.livejournal.com ! Dresses are all available and the stocks are limited, so get it before its sold out ! :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Advertisement !

May petals !

Nice dress yea ? I like it. :DD

White lacey tupe top.

High waist skirt ! http://maypetals.livejournal.com/
Welcome to maypetals !
P.S : They offer the most up to date fashion designs that will definitelysatisfy your most desireable fashion needs. MayPetals also provide the best quality that you can ever get. What's more, their prices are reasonable and affordable for you Babes. :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Advertorial !

Just received the corset and nippies patch from simplyintimate ! :D
This is the nipples patch of freedom, so cute ! They are heart shaped ! :)
They gave me both white and skin colour ones ! :DD
Isn't it very special and cute ? hmmm.. Nipple stickers ! LOL ! =X
I love it ! And they have many other designs on their web !
Click on http://www.simplyintimate.com.sg !
Styling tape, stick to your skin and dress so you don't have to worry about overexposure.
This is the white sexy corset, i love it very much !! :DD

Good news to my readers ~

*P.S : *Enjoy 10% off Nippies &Stylin' Tape. *FREE pack of Stylin' tape for single purchase of S$50 & above !! :D
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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Massage, MJ and dota !!

Treat winnie to massage the other day. It was very relax and fun ! :)
I got the package for so long already, i don't have the time to go ~
Finally, i used two vouchers..
Random photos while we are waiting to get inside the room.
Winnie, she's cute ! :DD
The massage beds, looks nice hor ? :)
Our towel and disposable underwears hahahaha. =X
Get changed, oh i wore my glasses that day.
So relax ...
Then this girl was kept pressing her phone. =X
I was falling asleep. :D
This is ginger tea. It's very nourish but i don't like the taste.
Cheers, iam only gonna drink a sip. =X
And this ! I wanna talk about MJ ! Hahahaha. Make me excited !
I had been playing MJ for 4 days in a row, and i got this "siao san yuan" -
the title, somemore it was "zi mo", iam so proud of myself ! LOL ! :D
Played MJ with desiree sis and tanessa they all the other day, and i got this "qing yi se"
It was also self drawn one, i think for this kinda really big and nice cards i always "zi mo". :)
( Pictures are not very clear, cause both are taken by cell-phones, E71 / i-phone )
Yes yes, this is my dota, i got Godlike last night, opps, it should be beyond Godlike.
So happy ! Hahaha, oh i do use garena, add me ! My nick is xueshasha ! :DD

*P.S : Had been staying at home, i've told everyone that im very homely and they don't believe me. Its okie, gonna film with sonia babe again soon. And i hope i get the print ads job ! Btw, after massgae with winnie that night we went to my friend's house play MJ and i won quite alot ! Im very lucky recently, hope my good luck won't go away !


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Photoshoots and beaches make me:)
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Sweet treats and LV are my cups of tea.
LOVE is what am i treasuring now.
Iam good at long time SLEEPING !
DOTAING, yes i do play DOTA !
Piano is my favourite talent.
I love my baby as much as i love my life.

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* I love pink.
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