Monday, December 29, 2008


Spend your last moments of 2008 at the Siloso Beach Party;

The biggest countdown party by the beach, on the 31 Dec 2008, from 8pm till dawn at Siloso Beach, Sentosa.
When i heard there will be a countdown party at siloso beach, my first thought was oh great iam going for the party man !
I've attend Zouk-out on the 13th dec, it was awesome. Great music, great lightings and it was so crowed !

Ok, here are some ticketing information about the party.
Advance tickets sold now at ranging from $29 ( Inclusive of 1 drink ) and $49 ( Inclusive of 2 drinks & $20 worth of food voucher ) from 10 Nov - 20 Dec.
For the standard tickets, it will be on sale from 21-31 Dec at and 21-30 Dec at Sentosa Ticketing counters.

Price range from $35 ( Inclusive of 1 drink ) and $65 ( Inclusive of 2 drinks & $30 worth of food voucher ).
For Islander, simply present your Islander card and get to enjoy a 15% off the ticket price ( Includes event admission, 1 drink and transportation via Sentosa Express/Bus ).
Tickets are much cheaper than zoukout's, so what are you waiting for ?

This year's highlight will definately be the concept which is similar to 'Battle of the DJs', where during each time belt duo DJs will spin together at the same time.
You know a good DJ that who plays excellent music will sure make your night.

There will be international DJs spin together at midnight for the countdown to 2009.
The Genre of music will be Mash up ( a mixture of genre put together to become dance music ).
International DJs includes DJ Shy who Spun at the Siloso Beach Party on 31 Dec 2007 and his back again this 31 Dec from USA.
DJ Don P from USA and Starz Angels from France. Local DJs includes DJ Jensen, DJ Alan S, DJ Koflow, DJ Rough and DJ Gee.
Band that will be there to celebrate the 2008 countdown party includes, E.I.C and Tribal Tide.

There will be 3 party zones :

*Main Party zone: This where the action is! Djs battling different music genre to bring you mash up dance music,
*Chill out Zone: party with 987fm Djs/ Dj Leonard T./ Dj Gee/ 2 live bands: Tribal tide & E.I.c Shisha available,
*Ibiza Zone: Exclusive access to café del mar and party to Ibiza grooves from resident Djs.
My favourite shisha ! How cool it is to having shisha there ? hahaha. :D

Partying with good friends. Enjoying !
Bubbles !

They will be playing different kinds of music at different party zone, such like trance, house, R&B ect. Pick your favourite music and dance till dawn ! SO go down to Siloso beach party and spend your last second of the 2008 with all your friends together ! :)

Yay, iam going for the party too ! It's a great chance to see hot babes and hunks all around the beach. :)

The countdown begins with 10 Hours of Partying, 90,000 m2 Party Area, 8 m High Pyrotechnics, 7 Million Foam Bubbles,
6 Hundred Dance hits, 5 Roving Acts, 4 International DJs, 3 Party Zones, 2 Live bands
AND The ONE place to be for New Year’s Eve !
With so many fun activites and programs, what are your waiting for ? Grab your tickets now !

For more enquirys please visit

See you guys at the party !

*Prices includes Sentosa island admission, event admission and transportation via Sentosa Express and bus.
Prices exclude SISTIC booking fees for tickets purchased at SISTIC.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Anna sui and M.A.C. Movies ! Update.

Went to shop at wisma with G babe and one of her girl friend. Bought anna sui cosmetics.
Help me click on the Nuffnang ads on the right ! :)
I love anna sui's cosmetics, they smell good ! :D
They told me the brushes are made of pony tail. :DD
Can put quite alot things inside. :)
I love my bling bling nails. hahaha. :D
Bought M.A.C cosmetics too, i just wanna try different brands. =X
Received my clothings from this babe queenie. Yay, so happy ! :)
Waste money, got this pair of Vip concert tickets, see 5th row ! Supposed to go with naomi
then in the end i decide to go and watch movie with baby. Naomi is very lazy to go for the
concert either. OMG ! Wu zun ! Because of baby, i didn't get to see wu zun, am i mad ? =X
Watched two movies with baby on friday and saturday night. The first one is "IP Man" it's a very nice chinese gong fu action movie. The "Zack and miri make a porno" is damn funny, i promise !! Can't stop laughing ~ :DD Both movies are worth watching ! :)

*P.S : I miss honey naomi and my sweet little G babe, meet up soon ! Christmas is just around the corner, have you bought all the presents ? Yea, iam gonna buy them later ! :) I love my baby boy, he's so sweet to me, he's gonna get me a " Diamond key to my heart " pendent. It's from US, don't know why sg don't have nice ones. I like the name - key to my heart. LOL ! Hugs.

Support my online shop ! It will be the last spree.
So, shop your lens now !! :)


Which one is nicer ? I like the one on the right. You are the key to my heart baby !
Diamond with white gold.
- xoxo

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Worked at zoukout with many many many babes ! Hot babes. :)
There are many tents at zoukout.
June and i, give her a sweet little kiss !
Random, i like this stone coz its nice, i dont know why i took this picture. dont ask me. haha.
Yay, my dear melissa yeo yeo yeo ! :)
" 42 " - Zouk's house pour vodka.
Sexyy backk, hahahahahha. eh Mr, why are you looking at me ar ? =X
Stella and melissa, i ask them to hold my piece of art. LOL ! =X
June, ( I don't know her name ), sarah, me.
Perfect lighting, iam a good photographer ! hahahaha. :)
Woo, fireworks ! I hope everything will stop at that moment.
Isn't it pretty ? I love fireworks !
Once again, i feel that iam a good photographer. LOL ! :DD
We love talking. =X LOL ! This is funny, we supposed to take a group picture.
Got this picture from Iko. Thanks babe. :)
The end ~ Enjoyed working at zoukout, got free entry and all the fun time ! :)
*P.S : Gonna work at this car show at changi from 27th dec - 31st dec together with my honey naomi. I just wanna earn enough money and fly away !

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Advertisement !

I love this heart, very cute isn't it ??
Did my nails at yawen's place again ~ Yay so shinny !! :D
Tadahh, when it's done. Bling bling ! :)
*P.S : Thanks yawen for doing nails for me. We took very long to get it done. Christmas is coming, she does many christmas design too. :)


This was taken during my winter trip last year. I like what i was wearing. Funny pose !!
Boots are cheap like 20 dollars.The coat isn't cheap, bought it at about 300 bucks. =X
Gonna have my trip during January, These are what i got for myself.
I like this pair of brown boots, nice right ? haha. :)
And this top is so cute, i got both pink and yellow ! :D
Fluffy jacket and this black woolen sweater. Love love ! :)
Can't wait for my trip ! I wanna wear pretty clothes and go for my holidays !

Friday, December 12, 2008

Outing with G babe again !!

Didn't put on much make up, only eye-liner.
I was late again i wore a T- shirt and a pair of shorts.
The Udon is super nice ! Ate lunch with G babe at ichiban sushi. :)
She loves this, this is jelly fish ! LOL ! :D
Didn't take many photos, we were too hungry ~
And, THIS ! It's peach and guava ICE-CREAM !! Very nice ! :D
Never judge a book by it's cover, the peach may look nice but its look deceived me.
Did eyelash extension with G babe also, look nice right ? Email me for the location !!
*P.S : The contact lens code is CK-105 from my blogshop ! Big eyes small secret. :)
Gen was bored, she took a photo with my phone and her phone. Black VS White !
Went to gen's place after that ~ Say hello Mr handsome. :)
Mr. Caesar and i, wahh he's tall.
We bathed caesar together with gen's bf. Yay ! :DD
Bought Victoria's secret online ! I love this pouch !! :)
Bought this bikini and 4 bras, 5 lip gloss. They will be here on the 15th ! Yeahh. :D
*P.S : Did my eyebrow embriodery touch-up and eyelash extensions yesterday, yay i love both my eyebrow and eyelash now ! So happy to see my Genevieve babe. I love her hair colour, she should perm her hair. :) Going for baby's graduation from " first guards unit " tomorrow. Feel happy for him, i know baby is the best ! So proud of him too ! Gonna have a good holiday trip with him soon. Yea, gonna wake up very early tomorrow, good nights. -xoxo !
*P.S : Since there are so many people emailed me, i will write the eyelash extension details here, it's troubleome for me to reply one by one. :)
Shop name : " The best beauty center "
Location : Toa payoh center block 520 #01-51
Contact this lady named : Jane Contact no. : 83390168 ( Her skill is very good ! )
*She only speaks chinese. And G babe found this place online. Famous place ~
Price : I did mine at $68 ( U.P : $150 ) , Genevieve's $38 ( Mine is very thick and long and her's natural. ) Pick your choice, there are 3 kinds of lashes.


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LOVE is what am i treasuring now.
Iam good at long time SLEEPING !
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I love my baby as much as i love my life.

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