Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Advertisement ! - Romance and shine ! :)
Earrings ! So pretty..
Necklace .. With flowers and crystals ! :)
Close up shot. I love them so much ! Classy and unique.
Close up to the beautiful necklace ..
Iam in love with flowers and crystals. Sinine !
So, what are you waiting for ? Click click click on -
< >
Mistress of Glam is not just any other online shop that sells repeated designs. It is like a unique trinket heaven with designs limited to one, which ensures the solitary style of every item, and everyone who purchases the item values themselves as an idiographic individual.
Besides focusing on designs and distinctiveness, quality is also very much a huge concern for costume jewelry. Materials used for all her pieces are of good quality such as: 14k gold plated chains and ear hooks. Rhodium plated chains and ear hooks. Sensitive ears individual can upgrade their ordered earrings to 925 silver or 14k gold filled earhooks if wished to. Materials are also imported from overseas most of the time and thus that ensures more uniqueness and specialty when it comes to designs.
On top of that, prices are reasonable, and methods of purchasing are simple and safe. Registered postage is free, thus easing you with worries of lost mails.
*P.S : From now til end of july, simply include that you're xuesha's reader when you order, you are entitled to a 15% discount on the total bill ! :)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Girls outing ! Shopping + Dinner + KTV with my dear Naomi !

Girls outing day ! I love going out with her, although she's full of crap ! hahaha. :D
I like the soup. :DD
Dinner time ! :DD All the food that we ordered were so yummy ! :)
Naomi bought this for me from JB ! :D Golden make up pouch.
Here are the dresses i bought ! :DD More shopping ! Yay.
Salvatore ferragamos perfume that Naomi bought for me. Shine ! :)
P.S : Went shopping with my dearest Naomi just now, bought fake lashes, dresses and ect. She bought me one bottle of perfume. Weee ! Thanks girl, so sweet of you. Went to eat dinner then KTV ! I will upload more pictures when i wake up tomorrow. Good night !

Sunday, June 22, 2008

ZOUK - Friday night & more !

Lambo - Desiree, Naomi and I. Wah, very strong ! =X
What's inside my bag ? What would i bring out everyday. :D
Special - the smell is very different, i love this.
I bought crystals for my nails ! :DD Belated update. =X
*P.S : I feel very happy with my life, i wanna find a full-time job with good pay ! And get my driving license as soon as possible ! :)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Communicasia 08, PHONES !

Very very nice phone from Japan. I like the design and colour.
The screen can turn left and right. ( can watch tv and online also ! )
I wanna buy this ! Starhub is gonna import this phone from Japan. What are you waiting for ?
Phones from communicasia show case. SO pretty ! :DD
More pictures that i found them online.
Pinkyy !
Can order it online i think, about ( SGD 600 - 700 + ) :)
So many colours ! These phones are from " DOCOMO ".

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Communicasia 2008 at Singapore Expo !

Winnie and I. Bitchy !! :DD
Gonna work at Singapore Expo for Communicasia 2008. Three more days to go ? Very tiring. =X Will update my blog when iam free.
More photos !! :D
Was really enjoyed doing comasia. :D
Victoria and i. Orange colour is nice ? :)
Winnie and Sha. Pose !! :DD
Sweet little kiss. MUACKS ~
What are we doing ??? =XX
This is so loving, even the photographer said so. hahaha. :D
Hello winnie ! This is how we say hi to each other. LOL ! :D

Sunday, June 15, 2008

PC show 2008 Suntec !

Worked for NOKIA. Me & Xiao wei. :) - I love my luna ! :DD
Sha & Xiao wei. PC Show 2008. :)
Ok, i admit that i look much better when i smile ! hahaha. :DD
Sexy babe Kaykay and Sha. I love her very much ! :) - Playeur event.
I look so happy. :D Taken by a 2 mega pix hp. so the colour isn't so good.
Toilet break ? LOL. we love to take photos ! :)
Dinner with beebee at Hougang. I love baby ~ He came to Suntec city and fetched me back.
Had been working at Suntect for the PC show, my legs are killing me. It's so tired to wear high heels the whole day ? I don't even have enough sleep. =X Anyway, gonna rest at home for two days, then commasia is gonna start from 17th - 20th. Four days in the row ! God bless me. :)

Friday, June 13, 2008

Hair cut + Shopping + Dinner + Work = Enjoy + Busy ?

Hair cut !! See, my hair look much much more prettier after the hair cut ! :)
I love my hair now !! Love kelly's skill ! - The best hair stylist !
Look ! Scary right ! So many hairs hahahahaha. :DD
She's always happy, wash hair also can laugh ! LOL ! :D
Shopping ! Bought dresses ! Gonna go shopping again very soon, after my busy days ! :)
Lunch + Dinner, iam eating lesser and lesser, don't know why. =X
Gonna work at Suntec city tomorrow and Saturday for Nokia ! Then working together with my dear Kaykay tomorrow night for Playeur magazine's event ! Yay, i miss her ! :)
( Sexy sexy outfit ! hahaha. =X )
Went shopping with Naomi earlier, bought a pair of very nice heels and dresses, one top and other things. It's time for me to spend some money on myself ! But we don't have enough time to shop. Because we went for an hair cut before shopping. ( I like my hair now ! thinner and shorter !! ) Had dinner with her at NYDC. I ate japanese noodle for lunch. Was really fun to be with her. hahaha. Love all the bitchy ! Finally, i've done my advertorial below. And Nuffnang approved it ! Yay, thanks to Gevevieve babe ! I love you girl. :D ( )

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Advertorial !

Title: Drink your way to win GREAT prizes !

Hello friends,

Drink Pepsi and stand a chance to win 4 sets of 52 inch HD TV and many other instant prizes !!

Please visit this site for the participation rules ( ). For more information, please visit ( ). Terms & condition apply.

The following are some of the great prizes to be won !

* 52" HD TV (4 sets forth $8,999 each)
* Playstation 3 with latest football games (4 sets)
* CabalSEA Astra Board (10 sets)
* Plus limited edition CabalSEA posters and instant discounts & vouchers up for grabs !!

So what are you waiting for ? Go grab some Pepsi now !

Do check out on Pepsi’s new commercial ! ( )
Frankly speaking, I’m not exactly a big fan of soccer and if you were to ask me about David Beckham, my only comment will be, "suave, has a sexy wife".
So actually, my review about this commercial would be, MORE DAVID, MOooOOOooRE !!!! ~End of Review~

Of course I wasn’t serious; I find this commercial very very very creative actually.. and cute in a sense. The main idea of this commercial is pieced together by different ideas of consumers all over the world and producers made use of these ideas to produce a short film, in a more literal way ! Watch it and you’ll know what I’m talking about !

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Mummy is in SG !

Mum bought me this ! And i love this CHANEL bag ! :D Thanks mummy !!
My model ! LOL. Guess who is that ? Sexy sexy arms ! :)
P.S : Mummy came to visit me, bought me food from Japan and Korea ! Bought me a new bag which i like it so much ! I really miss her alot ! She dotes on me by giving me all of her love and care. I felt that iam so lucky that i have such a loving mum. - XOXO ! :D

Sunday, June 08, 2008

What shall i say ? Life ..

Naomi and i, at velvet. Party away ! :)
I don't know where am i looking at, abit high already. hahaha. =X
Called my dear Genevieve today, because i need her help. I have to write someting regarding the "Pepsi Euro" proposal on Nuffnang ads. Gosh, how to write ? I got no ideas of where to start man ! hahaha, so i called Gen for help. Yeah, she is always so nice to me, she said she'd help me for sure ! :D Thanks babe, i feel loved. LOL ! Anyway, Nokia road show and Commasia is going to start soon. Gonna be busy. After my busy days iam going for HOLIDAY ! :DD


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