Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bubble tea store opening at Far East Plaza ! ♥

Congrate to baby's new shop located at Far east Plaza #04-99b.
Ice talk xpress - It's a bubble tea shop ! :D
I love honey red tea !! Favourite !
Green tea. Which one do you like ?
Jasmine milk tea, green tea, red tea and red milk tea.
Baby and his friends.
Steph and i.
Baby and i.
Tanny and her friends.
Tanessa and shaaa.
Dear desiree and i.
As you can see our bubble tea is getting lesser and lesser. hahaha. :D
Her smile is as sweet as the milk tea she is holding on.
Thanks for coming girls ! xoxo
Sam and his gf, Hui bin and his gf, Mr tran !
The two small girls bought bubble tea from us. So cute !
Tanny bought us donut. And i love donut ! :)

*P.S : Come and support my bf's 3rd bubble tea store located at Far East Plaza Level 4-99b ! hahaha, but please don't ask me this question, " You are xuesha right ?" Im shy, and i don't like to talk. LOL ! =X Just kidding. I seldom go to his shop. Anyway, hope his business will be good. Lastly, i wanna thank everyone who came for the opening and who sent us flowers that day ! Love you all !

*Photos are credit to photographer : Larry Lim

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Advertorial ! ♥

Advertorial !

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Friday, August 13, 2010

Blackberry ! Berry is love ! ♥

My new bb in white !
And, i got both black and white bb ! hahahahahahaha. :DD
Just kidding, mine and baby's ! Yes, we bought it together. Add me on bbm friends !
My lovely hello kitty bb case with swarovski crystals and my name on it from lydia !
Thanks girl. Visit her website and design your own case !
Nice right ? I love it very much. Now you can have yours ! :)
Baby bought me this lovely limited edition pouch from Lv two weeks ago. Yay.

Beautiful things that i love* ..
I will update again soon.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Advertorial ! ♥

Advertorial !

Did my nails at Flawless again with Cui cui and Jess !
I think my nails are very cute and i love the design !
Jess bought me the ribbon ring from Japan ! Wooo, love love !
My pedicure, 2D flowers that done by cui-cui ! :D

*P.S : Bling bling with two colours, that is what japanese girls are wearing now. Wanna try it now ?
For appointment : Call/SMS "Jess" @ 96908083

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Happy 21st birthdy baby ! ♥

Happy Birthday baby !

Happy 21st birthday babyyyy ~
The cake that i designed for him. heee. :D
Steph, Andrew, Tran, Zx, Bryan and Tanessa.
Baby and i, love you lotss ! :)
We went to butter, but it was full house, so we moved to Neverland.
Make a wish !
Andrew and i.
Good friends will always be there for you.
Still too early to look at the watch baby..
They wanted to make tran drunk. =X
Dear naomi was there also. Thanks for coming girl. haha. :)
Jek and Tran.
Tanny and i.
Steph and Andrew..
Zx took this picture and i like it !
A gift from me to baby. Once again happy 21st ! :)

*P.S : Had been busy with baby's new shop. It's hard to wake up early everyday. haha. Happy National day to everyone ! Watched "Salt" with baby and bryan tanny last night, gonna watch "Airbender" later. Hope all of you will enjoy the long weekend too. Have fun ! tata ~


Night-lifes, Mj, Poker, Food, Photography
and hip-hop steps are my LOVE.
Photoshoots and beaches make me:)
Am a sweetheart for my girls.
Sweet treats and LV are my cups of tea.
LOVE is what am i treasuring now.
Iam good at long time SLEEPING !
DOTAING, yes i do play DOTA !
Piano is my favourite talent.
I love my baby as much as i love my life.

* I love flowers.
* I love pink.
* I love romantic stories.
* I party till dawn.
* I shop till dusk.

* I travel around.
* That's because..
* Iam a girl.
* And a unique one ~

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