Sunday, August 31, 2008

My sweet lil love !

My bitch and i. hahaha. I love her alot.. :)
Supper ! I simply love those food ~
Juicy ~ :D
*P.S : Ate supper with Naomi after work. Was really tired, Naomi came to my place after eating. I fell asleep when we were watching tv. Hahahaha. =X Well, baby is home ! Yay. :D And my birthday is coming !! Another two more weeks ~ :)

P.S : My boy is good at doing this.. hahaha. This is how sweet he could be. Sweet talk ! =X K la, i feel loved anyway. LOL !

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Kaykay is selling her Nokia 8800 !

My good friend Kaykay is selling her Nokia 8800 Sapphire arte ! Good stuff ! :)
Highest bidder gets the phone ! Name a price and email me, not less than 1k please.
The phone is still in a very good condition, she bought it during april 08.
If you are interested of buying this phone from her, please email me at -
The sun is killing me, iam melting ~ And, i got sun burn ! =XX
Woo ~ I hate morning, and i love to wake up at night ! hahahaha. :D

Monday, August 25, 2008

Off-day ! Eating + Shopping !

Japanese food for dinner ! I like my curry beef rice ! Yummy ! :D
Dessert ! :)
Bought my skin cares ~ :D
And my foundations ~
Bought this wallet for baby to reward him as he's treating me very good ! :)
I got the red bikini for the show tomorrow morning & the pink one i got it from Naomi ! :)
*P.S : Have to wake up early and be at SENTOSA at 8AM ! OMG ! I'm gonna sleep soon. If not i can't wake up. =X I love my baby very much !

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Dinner at this five-star place - *Ritz Carlton* !!

Enjoying my beef ! yumm. yum ! :DD
Look at her, she's always so happy, even when she's drinking MILK ! =X
Our food is here ! :)
I love the soup, taste really good ~
Chocolate cake ~
Look, this place is so so so nice ! :D
I love this view.. Can see the sea from this window. :)
*P.S : Oh, i need to buy a red colour bikini for the tv show. And i need to freaking wake up later at 2pm to shop for the things that i need. Meeting my dear Naomi, she will accompany me shopping ! Yay. :D And, i need to do my eye-lash extension, buy cosmetics, SK2 & facial mask !! =X

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Advertisement ! - Where you can find all the pretty dresses !
I don't really have enough time to do this ads, so here comes my BFF and model. Naomi ! :)
One of my favourite dresses, with flowers ! Take a look at their site, you won't be regret. :)
My best friend forever ! We love shopping and buying new dresses..
All our dresses are from !! :D
P.S : Click on Pretty dresses and sexy tops from this site ! I wanna shop more from this online shop and you know what ? They are having SALES now !! What a great chance for you to grap all the nice dresses. What are you waiting ? :) Girls always need a piece of new dress. I think that's so true..
*P.P.S : New arrivals will be updated weekly or fortnightly. All my readers will enjoy this - discount code : xs005 for a 5% discount to shop with daintydamsels !

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thanks baby for being so sweet ! New camera !

Baby is so sweet, i went to work just now then he went to buy a new camera for me !
And also this Gucci gift for me. He knows that i've been very sad of the camera that i lost !
Yay, NEW CAMERA ! Sony T300. 10.1 Mega pix !! :)
It's the same red colour as my previous one, but much lighter..
3.5" touch panel LCD screen. :D
*P.S : I don't think i was too much to write the entry below. I just wanna express how i felt. Anyway, went to work just now, so many of my friends asked me, " Sha, you just lost your camera right ? " Then i replied, " How did you know ? " They told me that they had read my blog. hahaha. Thanks for those who send me message on friendster and those who send me email. I felt loved ! And also thanks baby for the new camera, i love it very much. Now then i realise the meaning of " If you are being with the right guy, everyday is valentine's day ! " I feel so happy, cause baby wanna see my smile ! I know he loves me very much, i love you too baby ! Iam very tired, going to bed now ! bye ~

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Advertisement !

Step 1, remove my old extensions. Step 2, put on stickers get ready to do the extension.
When it's done. Nice ?? :)
Crystal nails with a white colour heart, it's very shinny ! Blink* :D
Close up. I love my nails very much now !!
And take a look at her place. I like the design.
Here comes the cute little doggie and mani-cure magazine from Japan. :)
I find that Japanese manicure style are so sooo pretty ! Blink + shiny = my love ! :DD
*P.S : Click now ! This girl's skill is really very good. And she doesn't charge very expensive. She provide gel / acrylic nails services. Contact her, ( Ya wen ) @ or call her at 97933882 to make appointment ! I do charge for ads, email me at if you wanna put any advertisements on my blog.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Happy birthday my dearest baby !

Didn't know baby will book out today. So, the cake is also last minute buy one. =X
Dinner with beebee. Guess how old is he ? :DD
*P.S : Iam tired of taking picture of myself. So i wanna post more pictures of yummy food ! :) Gonna do my nails tomorrow. Cause one of my nails broke, very painful.. Chinese film audition with Kaykay tomorrow afternoon. Going to Naomi sis' birthday after that. I wanna baby to accompany me more ! I wanna him to be with me 24/7 ! =X ( Dreaming ~ )

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Supper with Naomi..

Supper with Naomi and boss at Newton. :)
*P.S : Very sad that baby can't book out for now. Iam gonna call his sir soon.. Depressed ! =X
I love my furry bear baby !! :D

Monday, August 04, 2008

Japanese BBQ - my love !

Kaykay treated me dinner just now, after our audition !! :D
I love the cold noodle. I didn't bring my camera out. All these were taken by my phone. =X
Look at Kaykay, busy eating ! I swear that the food are super YUMMY !
Thanks Jon for BBQ for us ! :DD
*P.S : Dear kaykay, thanks for the dinner, i love Japanese BBQ ! Hahaha. :D Busy with work, gonna be filming for "Super babes" soon. Baby's birthday is this coming wednesday. So, if you are Tran's friend and you are reading this right now, come to his birthday celebraition !


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