Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Korea ! ♥ ♥ ♥

My korea trip !

Really alot of photos below. You can start counting now ! hahaha.
Touch-down at incheon.
This is the hotel that we stayed at.
Nice environment right ? :D
Haha, must take a picture of myself.
We went to China town !!
You can see all the chinese words and those korean can speak chinese !
Oh ? Why are the queueing ?
They are queueing up for this delicious meat pie !
We were very hungry, so we found a restaurant for dinner.
This is korea's famous food, deep-fried noodles with brown sauce. (炸酱面)
It's kinda black ! LOL. But it is yummy indeed !
I love long spoons !!
Korean's favourite alcohol - Soju (烧酒). 20% of alcohol per bottle !
My favourite drink.
Bought this from duty free.
Dior eye shadow, it's quite cheap i think less than 80 bucks.
Breakfast!I love clam chowder soup !
Time to eat ! :)
He is a living pig. LOL !
My toast.
Baby's bread.
He really can eat alot ! hahaha. 果然名不虚传!
We are going to see beautiful sakura today.
OMG, this is a steep stairway.
Do you know who is he ? He is Kong Zi. (孔子)
This is our beautuful tourguide.
Finally, we reach our destination.
Time to pose for pictures.
Beautiful scenery.
Baby and i.
He is my maid. hahahahahahaha.
Sakura !! (樱花)
So pretty..
Our lunch, Yay ! We are eating BBQ !
I love korean BBQ.
He loves BBQ too.
We are going to a ski resort.
Cable car.
Wooo, we can still see snow in May !!!
The sky is so blue.
Beautiful snow. I love snow ! And my name got snow also ! hahaha.
We took the alpine coaster down the moutain. It is Korea's Longest 2.2km Alpine Coaster.
There is always kimchi on the table. Korean like to eat kimchi very much !
Chicken steamboat for lunch.
Yay, we are gonna stay at High1 resort.
The room.
Bath robe.
The view from my room.
It's very cold outside. :(
Time to eat breakfast again. haha.
It will be a nice day ahead. :)
Are you my cup of tea ? haha.
I think the answer seem to be yes. :)
After shopping..
We ate seafood steamboat.
All the seafood are very freash.
Heeeheee, my favourite coke !
The pink condo.
We moved to another place.
This is a family apartment.
And we decide to sleep on the tatami bed ! :D
Hoohoo, steamboat again. This time is mushroom one. Im sick of steamboat. =X
Yay, ginseng chicken !
loveee !!
This is what i bought. hahaha. Make-up and dress, shoes and T's ect.
This will be the last steamboat pls. LOL.
Side dishes.
Korean stone rice. (石锅拌饭)
It's nice ! And i added alot of chilli in. hahaha.
After eating we went to the kimchi making school.
We took pictures of wearing the korean traditional clothing.
Nice ?
Went to the royal palace.
They were performing the guard dismounting.
Handsome ? hahaha.
I think his moustache is funny ! :D
The palace.
Those highest-ranking imperial concubine used to stay here.
We were at Munjeong-dong.
Didnt buy alot of things.

Skin care and clothes for my sweet little doggy.

*P.S : Im very tired after posting so many pictures. haha. I haven't posted all the photos yet, more to come for my next entry !! Went for SPH - 联合晚报 photoshoot this morning. And im working for communicasia for samsung. Annie says we don't have to go for casting cause we are old faces. :"( Old faces ?! does that mean we are old already ? hahaha. =X I wanna go BKK ! Hope Thailand will be fine real soon ! Lastly, my dear blog readers please remember to vote for me for omy blogawards 2010 okie ? 爱死你们了!LOL ! Okay, time to sleep. Doing soft rebonding for my hair tomorrow. Good night all ! Tata ~


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