Sunday, July 19, 2009

Charity event, Phuture and Malaysia with beloved ones ! Alot of photos !! ♥

Charity event with Mich, KK and Jamie yeo they all. :)
Beautiful flowers ~
Yay, it's dinner time, so hungry ! =X
At the event, so many people, those are loaded people.
Mich has started drinking beer again, i was hoping she won't get drunk. haha.
Main course, teriyaki chicken.
Enjoying our food. haha. :DD
I miss mich, she is in HK now. =X
Salmon. :)
The girls ~ wee ~
Happily having dinner together..
The dessert.
Nice flower right ? I put it on mich's hair. :D
Woooo, berries ! I'm getting a berry for myself too !
Oh, and that is Kaykay's hello kitty berry, so nice !!! :D
Yay, im getting this one, Blackberry Bold. :)
Went to have a drink and snacks with mich and Kay.
Peach martini ? Don't know what does this call.
BBQ chicken.
Chicken balls and bacons.
Lychee ice.
Then supper at the coffee club. Ate so much that day. LOL.
Piri piri chicken. :)
Our drinks. :D
Oh ya, we went to zouk before supper.
Kisses ! Me, Kayk and mich. Muacks ! :)
Just dance, dance dance dan dan dan dance. :DD
Flamming lambo. =X
Sha, Bobby, Kay, Jek, Michelle, Tran. ♥
Mich and i, love her v much ! :)
Don't know what was she doing but she looks damn cute la !
Love this picture. hahaha, saw that ? :D
And the most crazy thing is, after supper we went home to take passport and
we headed to JB !!! OMG ! Didn't sleep at all eh. That's how spontaneous we are. haha. :D
Wooo, my favourite !! Herbal chicken ! :)
Food that we ate at JB. Yummmyyy ! :D
Kay and mich, kaykay was saying, " Why are we waiting ? why are we waiting !! " Cause
we were so hungry and can't wait for the food ! =X
Random photos, my little doggie was biting my gucci strip !! Rahh, gonna kill her soon. LOL !
" Hello, are you taking a photo of me ? " :D
Baby bought poker chips, as he really love to play poker. 500 chips ! =X
Poker sessions.
See the flop... And then ~
I got a flush drew of diamond ! Yay, very happy ! :D

*P.S : Apologise that i haven't upload advertorials on my blog, cause i have too many things to do and i had been neglecting my blog for so long. I will post up the ads soon ! And i have many photos to upload, photobucket is giving me problem, i use almost an hour to load 50 photos ! OMG. Gonna film next week and photoshoots yea. Busy busy and busy, i miss mich, she is in HK now and will be back in a few hours ! Lastly, i wanna go JB again ! Xoxo ~


Night-lifes, Mj, Poker, Food, Photography
and hip-hop steps are my LOVE.
Photoshoots and beaches make me:)
Am a sweetheart for my girls.
Sweet treats and LV are my cups of tea.
LOVE is what am i treasuring now.
Iam good at long time SLEEPING !
DOTAING, yes i do play DOTA !
Piano is my favourite talent.
I love my baby as much as i love my life.

* I love flowers.
* I love pink.
* I love romantic stories.
* I party till dawn.
* I shop till dusk.

* I travel around.
* That's because..
* Iam a girl.
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