Friday, February 18, 2011

The end of Cny and Happy Valentine's day ! ♥

Happy Chinese Valentine's day, yay ! Today is the 15th of cny, which is also chinese valentine's.
My beloved baby and i. (:
My Vday present from him.
I love it ! Thanks baby ! :D
This is from me. Hope he likes it.
Yeah ! Gonna filter again.
We finished a lot of champagne that night.
How much can you drink ??
Robert and me. He seems like he doesnt wanna take photo with me ! =X
Baby's gonna take out his gun. hahaha !
Baby can't you see, you belong to me.
They got us another 2 bottles. Gosh !
Irish and i. She is so cute ! :)
Naomi look so cute !! :D
Testing my new camera.
Japanese food.
Wasabi octopus.
Naomi is eating her chawanmushi.
Japanese style fried rice.
Bacon with mushroom.
Honey chicken.
Beef steak.
I like this dish !
My sis desiree. heh.
This is something like bean curd.
Green tea ice cream pancake.
Green tea cake with strawberry !!
I love japanese food !

*P.S : Ate dinner with baby on valentine's, and got my present from him. Im always thankful to have him by my side. Lastly, wish everyone a happy chinese valentine's day, sleep early ! Tata ! :)


Night-lifes, Mj, Poker, Food, Photography
and hip-hop steps are my LOVE.
Photoshoots and beaches make me:)
Am a sweetheart for my girls.
Sweet treats and LV are my cups of tea.
LOVE is what am i treasuring now.
Iam good at long time SLEEPING !
DOTAING, yes i do play DOTA !
Piano is my favourite talent.
I love my baby as much as i love my life.

* I love flowers.
* I love pink.
* I love romantic stories.
* I party till dawn.
* I shop till dusk.

* I travel around.
* That's because..
* Iam a girl.
* And a unique one ~

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